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Cartons & Boxes
3 Ply/5 ply/7 Ply Custom Designed and Printed

From simple cargo cartons to printed pizza boxes, from a box smaller than the palm of your hand to a box large enough for you to sleep in. Carton Pack boasts one of the most diverse portfolio of corrugated packaging in the market. On this page you will find some of our more common designs, so if you see something which fits your requirements simply contact us and one of our sales team members will help decide the best solution for you. 
Regular Slotted Carton on a Gray Floor
Lunch Box Style Carton
Corrugated Paper Bin Box
Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)
Folder Type 421 / Lunch Box
Bin Box 802

The RSC Box is the most common type of slotted cartons being used in the world right now. Versatile and easy to assemble the box is the perfect choice for the majority of your packing needs. Like all slotted cartons, the boxes are shipped in flatpack format, and can be easily assembled within a minute.

Lunch Box Style or technically Folder Type 421 Boxes are a no tape completely self locking design. Easy to assemble and with a very flexible range of shapes and sizes. This design is regularly used by catering/restaurants and small online businesses.  

Bin Boxes are a self locking design made for use as bins in warehouses and storage locations for small size to medium sized items. The design can be manufactured in a large range of sizes to suit a multitude of potential use cases.

Paper Vegetable Tray
Carton with Top Lid Drawing
Pizza Box Drawing
Self Locking/Vegetable Trays
Carton with Top Lid
Pizza Boxes

Commonly referred to as vegetable trays these are usually self locking trays designed for transporting vegetables and fruits from farm to Shop. Carton Pack manufactures vegetable trays in a wide variety of designs and sizing.  From smaller trays for avocados to larger heavy duty trays for lettuce.

Designed as a two piece box, these cartons come with a separate lid which can be used to completely cover the box from the top without the use of any tapes. Providing better protection from the top side compared to traditional cartons this design can also save time at the packaging point due to ease of use of a simple lid.

Pizza Boxes of all sizes and designs can be manufactured with white or brown paper on the top and the inside. Printing options are also available starting with simple one colour printing all the way upto high quality photographic printing depending on your requirement.

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