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Packaging Materials

In addition to Carton Boxes, Carton Pack Supplies a large variety of Packaging Material with the following three items being manufactured onsite.
Gray Scale Bubble Drawing
Stylized Image of Corrugated Paper Roll
Stretch Film Roll on a black background
Bubble Wrap Rolls
Corrugated Paper Rolls
Stretch Film

The most commonly used bubble wrap is the 2-Ply Bubble Roll, it can be used for almost all types of packaging requirements and is the most commonly seen bubble wrap. With the air in the plastic bubble providing a cushioning effect, a well packed item gets the benefits of light weight cushioned packaging along with the protective properties of a plastic film.

Corrugated Paper Rolls are 2 ply paper rolls regularly used for packing furniture and other bulky goods. Carton Pack also provides PRINTED rolls which are an excellent option for those interested in increasing brand visibility.

We supply stretch film rolls in 50 cm width, 20 or 23 micron thickness and seven layer form. Rolls are available in multiple length and weight options in both black and transparent format. Please contact us for further information

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